We Believe


I believe in One God, the Jehovah manifested in flesh as Jesus to shed the blood. I believe the Old Testament’s One God Jehovah is the New Testament Jesus. His redeeming role gains the appropriate name, Jesus. It is about God, His saving name is Jesus in the New Testament. Who knows more of God than God Himself? The Word of God introduces Him truthfully. We require the help of the Holy Spirit, the Spirit of the almighty to clarify Him. Keep in mind there are possibilities to get confused not having a revelation of Jesus. False doctrine introduced by false teachers and prophets will promote more confusing religions. Stay away from false teachers and prophets. That is why God kept this privilege for self to allow you identify who He is. Just like no one but you knows about yourself.

The very first commandment is

Deuteronomy 6:4 “Hear, O Israel! The Lord is our God, the Lord is one!

The devil speaks exact opposite of what God says. If God said I am One, the devil would say He is 33 million, or three gods, and made polytheism of a monotheism. The Devil was in heaven in the presence of the One faithful God but the Devil will deny His oneness.

James 3:19 Thou believest that there is one God; thou doest well: the devils also believe, and tremble.

It is challenging to deal with people who continue believing in God through trial, trouble, and with many misguiding voices. I tell you the secret, seek God since the Old Testament of Jehovah who is the New Testament Jesus can and will resolve your question. That is why Jesus himself said to ask, seek, and knock. Now you believe why I have to find this truth. Because it needs revelation and my obedience to His word. I continue in God by obeying the book of Acts. My experience having repented and baptized in Jesus’ name was unique for the first time and was not the last. The experience continues when I found the truth. It is an unbelievably enjoyable relation and experience with the creator. To set free from darkness, religion, and confusion is supernatural. The condition is to find the truth and continue in it. Whom the Son sets free is free indeed. My experience of receiving the Holy Spirit by speaking in a tongue was beyond me. I cannot explain the feeling of receiving the Holy Spirit. It is my prayer language. My knowledge increased as the Holy Spirit became my teacher, professor of truth. Fewer headaches of the misguidance of the devil, who takes soul every day into hell.

Pay attention to each dispensation how God presents Himself to human requirement to follow and rescue from death. Linking with the correct channel is the road of victory and salvation. Pay attention to God and what He declared in His word. To repent, be baptized in Jesus’s name, and receive the Holy Spirit also called the baptism of Spirit is a miraculous experience. It cannot be explained but experienced by the one who obeys. Continue in the truth of the Old and New Testament. Read, study, and apply the word in your daily life. You will know God. His attribute to be successful. Pay attention to the dispensation you are living in. God is dealing with His creation differently in each dispensation. Not paying attention and refusing to keep His instructions and knowledge we destroy the dispensation we live in. Each dispensation is for particular people who are living at that time. I refuse to accept false teachers and prophets who uses different dispensations to fit the false doctrine. Keep in mind the King of the Kings and the Lord of the Lords have demonstrated us the accurate way by putting on flesh and come to be one of us. Just follow Jesus, go around and cast out demons. Other signs are to speak in tongues, healing the sick, and preaching the truth. He anoints the ones He uses. All you need is anointing to carry out the work and not seminary training to teach their version of God. God has His version.

Follow Jesus and use His blood which He has shed for your sins. The truth of the Book of Acts is not known since the devil made one God to three in the year 325 AD. The Devil’s formula is to divide and rule. He is ruling on earth by misguiding many. I refuse to believe the devil’s doctrine. One God is performing a diverse role. The same God is Spirit and used as the Holy Spirit. Baptism in Jesus’s name for the remission of sins since the blood is under the name Jesus. Receive the Holy Spirit as apostles and prophets have shown. It comes when you baptize, it falls on you, or you can receive it by laying on of hands. It is necessary to receive power to witness. What can you witness? You witness of healing, set free, blind eyes open that are called miracles, and so on so forth. The Holy Spirit grants the power to perform supernatural work. The Bible can learn by applying as it has said in the Word. I learn the Bible doing what Jesus did. Following Him and His, instruction has helped me learn the Word. Bible is a doing book not reading. Bible Word can experiment only if you follow Jesus.

May Lord make you great experienced by following His instruction as He trained to the disciples.